Monterey Comedy Improv

Monterey Comedy Improv is the Peninsula’s premier IMPROVISATIONAL COMEDY TROUPE offering entertaining SHOWS and fun CLASSES to adults from all walks of life.

Shows are similar to “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Using suggestions from the audience, and a willing volunteer or two,  players create entertaining scenes instantly on the spot, completely unscripted and spontaneous.

Some of the places this group of talented artists has amused audiences are The Golden State Theater, The Pink Flamingo, Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, The Lab, The  Urban Lounge, The Wharf Theater, and The Stanton Building Theater.



Everybody can do improv. Yes, even you!

No experience necessary!
All levels are welcome.
You don’t need to be funny.

  • Unleash your spontaneity
  • Boost your confidence
  • Spark your creativity
  • Learn to fail cheerfully
  • Become an awesome listener
  • Deepen connections with others
  • Become a true team player
  • Be more present
  • Say YES to life!
  • Have a blast!
  • Laughter is good medicine
  • Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

Class Schedule

Thursday –  6-7pm.  Scene Work

Friday – 5-6pm. Basic Class

Friday – 6-7pm. Improv Games

$10 per Class and 2 for $15

Location: St. Timothy Church, 52 Soledad Dr., Monterey.

Drop in Classes Only $10! Space is limited to 20 RSVP at: (831) 236-2032 or



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“Improv was my sport. I learned how to not waffle and how to hold a conversation, how to take risks and actually be excited to fail.”
Emma Stone


Rich Westbrook

Rich Westbrook has been improvising since 2008 with an occasional foray into scripted plays. As the Director, he loves creating entertaining shows and challenging players. He teaches improv about 5 hours per week and also leads workshops to improve public speaking and communication skills. He hopes to someday build an army of improvisers and create a new world order based on spontaneity...and eat salted caramel full-time.

Julie Steelman

Julie Steelman has been making stuff up most of her life, so it seemed natural to join an Improv troupe and master the art of nonsense! Julie is deeply passionate about photographing the world’s wild life and draws from her experiences in the bush to bring the wild side into her craft. After all, this is just a grand illusion, right?

Lee Garland

Lee Garland played his first paid gig in Moss Landing, on the accordion, at age 11 and hasn’t stopped playing music since. He is the piano (and occasionally accordion) player for the troupe and jumps up to join in the fun on stage as well. Lee grew up in the theater as well as many less savory stages and bars over the past 55 years. Yes, he’s old, like a fine wine. Among many other groups, he has performed with the comedy and improv group, Grand Theater Company, and was lucky to work with some of the funniest folk on the planet.

Jim Miotke

Jim Miotke loves how improv demands presence, courage, an excellent memory and… he forgets the fourth thing. An entrepreneur, photographer, and life coach, he also loves how so much of improv is good listening. Jim cherishes the fact that we all honed improv skills as kids playing pretend. He finds great joy and gratitude in the fact that failing forward can be hilariously beautiful.

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Benjamin Forest

Benjamin Forest has been a student of improv since 2019. The lessons of improv are the lessons of life: pay attention to others; take risks; embrace the moment then let it go; laugh at yourself; etc. Ben delights in community, imagination, and playfulness -- elements at the heart of improv.

Carrie Gerdes

Carrie Gerdes has been resisting improv since 2008. After declaring she’d never do improv, never perform, and certainly never teach, she’s now doing all three and savoring the joy and challenges of each. Carrie delights in moving an audience, while shifting them, and herself, out of their comfort zones. Carrie also serves as Richs’ backup brain and Assistant Monkey Trainer

Sharon McWilliams

Sharon McWilliams grew up in the Bay Area and first stepped on stage as part of A.C.T.’s Young Conservatory. Sufficiently bitten by the acting bug, she went on to earn a BA in Theatre Arts from UCLA. Sharon honed her improv skills by training with The Groundlings, performing Fast & Loose sketch comedy at Sacred Fools Theatre, and making award winning short films on the fly with Instant Films. Sharon loves performing before a live audience! She has starred in a variety of original productions in Los Angeles and spent three summer seasons with Theatre Aspen. Most recently, she appeared as “Maria” in Twelfth Night for The Half Moon Bay Shakespeare Company. Sharon is delighted to be one of Rich’s improv monkeys and to have the chance to play with this talented troupe!

Adam Doorenbos

As a two-time Iowa Highschool Allstate Improv Champion, Adam Doorenbos is quantifiably the most accomplished and talented member of the Monterey Comedy Improv Troupe. However, he does not let that get to his head. Perhaps it is his love of all things corn or his unnaturally floppy joints that keeps him humble. Whatever it is, make sure to let the rest of the troupe know of his exceptional talent every time you see them, because they seem to always need reminding and he certainly wouldn't rub their noses in it. When he's not gazing at his own reflection, he is slaving at his homestead, single-handedly supporting his two children while his wife plays "doctor" and "pays the bills".


Rich Westbrook, Director
(831) 236-2032

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“I will know what I need to know when I need to know what I need to know.”
David Razowsky

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